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Walks are great exercise and mental stimulation for your dog, and even on the coldest days, a walk can be a welcome activity. By knowing how to safely walk your dog in winter, both you and your canine companion can enjoy fresh air, exercise, and fun on regular walks. The Risks of Cold Weather...

When temperatures drop, we layer up in warm clothes, turn up the furnace, enjoy hot drinks, and take other steps to stay warm and safe. But what about our pets? Practicing good cold weather safety for pets is essential to keep all our furry, scaled, and feathered family members safe and comfortable...

Pets of all shapes, sizes, and species often become treasured members of the family, and what better way to include them in holiday celebrations than with gifts of their own? Choosing the right gift for your pet is harder than just grabbing the latest seasonal trinket, however, and it is important...


Best Products to Clean Tack

We at Arizona Feeds Country Stores often get asked what are the best products to use to clean tack. We've put together a short video to show you!

Find Out How You Can Keep Chickens Cool!

How can I keep my chickens cool in the summer?

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