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As reminder, Both the North & South store is open on New Year's Eve from 8am - 6pm and Closed on New Year's Day!
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The North Store & South Store will be open on Christmas Eve from 8am until Noon and closed on Christmas Day.
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Special Offers

Stop by the North Store and pick up some great Home Decor!
Valid 12/18 - 12/24/2014
Visit the South Store and pik up the perfect boot slipper for a high-steppin' night.
Valid 12/18 - 12/24/2014

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Exotic Excellence: Mazuri Feed Building New Successes

If your idea of pet nutrition means just dogs and cats, you probably haven't heard of the Mazuri® line of animal feed by Land O'Lakes Purina Feed. But if you work with exotic animals, or perhaps even raise crickets or chinchillas, then you've definitely heard of Mazuri.