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Looking for absorbent pelleted pine bedding? Look no further! Arizona Feeds Country Stores carries TerrAmigo Pellets & Crumbles! 

  • UPC: 832311000093
  • Manufacturer: Lucerne Farms

Koop Clean is an all natural, quality chicken bedding consisting of a chopped blend of hay & straw, combined with the unique odor neutralizing ingredient, ‘Sweet PDZ’.

  • UPC: 086386107779
  • Manufacturer: Valhoma Corporation

Arizona Feeds Country Stores now carries the ever popular, Chicken Harness! Perfect for Bantham/Pullets, Hens, Average Chickens, even Roosters or Ducks!

This quick temporary cage is great to have on hand for any flock.  Use it to rotate a hen around the yard safely or for an isolation pen when the need arises.

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