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4/01 through 4/30/2015
2015 April Chick Calendar

2015 April Chick Calendar

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The following list is subject to change due to hatching availability and shipping. Remember Pullets are 90% female. Straight Run are not sexed and any Sex Link chicks are 100% female. Hens will start producing eggs between 4-6 months with proper nutrition.

North Store:

Saturday, April 11:
25--Bronze Breasted Turkeys
25--Dominiques- Dual Purpose, Brown Egg Producers
25--New Hampsire Reds- Dual Purpose, Brown Egg Producers
25--Barred Plymouth Rocks - Dual purpose, Brown Egg Producers 

Friday, April 17:
25--Delawares - Dual Purpose - Brown Egg Producers 
25--Partridge Cochins- ornamental, Brown Egg Producers
25--Dark Rhode Island Reds- dual purpose, Brown Egg Producers
25--Toulouse Geese 

Friday, April 24:
25--Black Astrolorps- dual purpose, Brown Egg Producers
25--Americana- layer, Blue/Brown Egg Producers
25--Rhode Island Reds- dual purpose, Brown Egg Producers
25--Royal Palm Turkeys 

South Store:

Saturday, April 4:
25--Welsummer Pullets- Brown Egg Producers
25--Buff Orpington Pullets - Brown Egg Producers
25--Mottled Java Pullets-Brown Egg Producers
50--Ameraucana Pullets-Colored Egg Producers
25--New Hampshire Red Pullets-Brown Egg Producers
25--Black Sex-Links-Brown Egg Producers
25--Delaware Pullets-Brown Egg Producers
8-Emden Geese, St. Run
15-Khaki Campbell Ducks St. Run
20-Holland Turkeys St. Run

Saturday, April 11:
25--Jersey Giants Pullets- Brown Egg Producers
25--Barred Rocks Pullets- Brown Egg Producers
25--Blue Sumatra St. Run- Cream Egg Producers
25--Asst. Runner Ducks St. Run 

Saturday, April 18:
30--Self Blue Old English Bantam St. Run- Cream Egg Producers
30--Black Tailed Buff Japanese Bantam St. -Cream Egg Producers
30--Blue Dutch Bantam St.- Cream Egg Producers
8-- Toulouse Geese, St. Run.

Saturday, April 25:
25--Delaware Pullets- Brown Egg Producers
25--Dominique Pullets- Brown Egg Producers
25--Silver Spangled Hamburg Pullet- White Egg Producers