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3/05 through 3/27/2015
2015 March Chick Calendar

2015 March Chick Calendar

Community Event

The following list is subject to change due to hatching availability and shipping. Remember Pullets are 90% female. Straight Run are not sexed and any Sex Link chicks are 100% female. Hens will start producing eggs between 4-6 months with proper nutrition.

North Store:

Wednesday, March 11th
25--Fast White Broilers

Friday, March 13
25--Barred Rock - Dual Purpose - Brown Egg Producers 
25--Production Reds - layer - Brown Egg Producers
25--Assorted Runner Ducks

Friday, March 20th
20--Magpie Ducks
25--Black Australorps - layer - Brown Egg Producers
25--Rhode Island Reds - dual purpose - Brown Egg Producers

Friday, March 27th
25--Black Sex Links - dual purpose - Light Brown Egg Producers
25--Assorted Wyandotte - dual purpose - Brown Egg Producers

South Store:

Friday, March 13th
25--California Grey Pullets - White Egg Producers
25--Naked Neck Turken Pullets -Brown Egg Producers
25--Partridge Rock Pullets - Brown Egg Producers
15--Grey Mallard Ducklings Straight Run 

Friday, March 20th
30--Gold & Silver Sebright Bantams Straight Run - Cream Egg Producers
25--Black Sumatra Pullets - White Egg Producers 
25--White Phoenix Straight Run - White Egg Producers
25--Cuckoo Maran Pullets - Dark Brown Egg Producers

Friday, March 27th
30--Red Frizzle Bantams Straight Run - Cream Egg Producers
25--White Faced Black Spanish Bantams Straight Run - Cream Egg Producers
25--Black Australorp Pullets - Brown Egg Producers
25--Blue Andalusian Pullets- White Egg Producers
20--Wild Rio Grande Turkeys Straight Run
15--Magpie Ducklings Straight Run 

3/28/2015 from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm
Arizona Feeds Country Store (North Store) - 520-887-2202
Chick Days
Community Event

The North Store is celebrating Chick Days on Saturday, March 28th from 10am-2pm! Join us here for crafts, a raffle, refreshments, an education station and Chicks & Bunnies! 

Join us for the Coloring Contest!
For Ages 4 & Under, 5-7, 8-11 and age 12& up! Coloring will be put on display and prizes for best submission will be given for each age group.

Learn how to get started with Chickens, Care Recommendations and Zoning Regulations.